24 Carat

Genetic Heritage - Sour Boggle (BOG Seeds) x Breeding Auto Purple Indica.
Seed Type: F7 Feminised Automatic

Indica/Sativa - 100/0
Plant size - Short
Cycle time - 60-65 days from sprout

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Originals Strain: 24 Carat

Genetic Heritage - Sour Boggle (BOG Seeds) x Breeding Auto Purple Indica
Seed Type: F7 Feminised Automatic

Project introduction and Overview:

Our most Afghan derived automatic, 24 Carat holds a special place in our hearts as she was the first ever Mephisto Genetics completed product. She was designed to be our new higher quality autoflower sea-of-green strain; which means great yield potential and fast turn-arounds of really nice quality meds. We selected a beautiful example of Sour Boggle from F2's we made., hard buds, waxy green leaves the size of dinner plates that will purple under cooler temps. Ultra frosty and hard nuggets, with an indica/highly medicinal effect she's now nicely stable at F7 and has been used to create many auto to auto hybrids.

Strain behavior and structure:

24 Carat is an easy plant to grow, that doesn’t want for much, she just gets on with it. Maintain a low humidity in mid-late flower and ensure good ventilation to prevent mould. Better suited to indoor unless you have a very arid outdoor climate. She has a high flower to leaf ratio and high yield relative to the plant size. Bushy, thick and squat structure which results in a plant 40-60cm. Responds well to light training and leaf tucking early on. The fan leaves can be so big it’s worth removing a few to encourage lower shoots. Internodes are tight. She turns on the frost hard, and makes dense flowers, and is also a great little hash-plant for the extract lovers out there; being super easy to process and the trim is well worth utilising. She is also amongst our most medicinal variety with customers reporting sleep inducing and appetite stimulating effects.

Strain figures and info:

Size - 40 to 60cm
Structure - Bushy, short & squat
Indica/Sativa - 100/0
Cycle Time - 60 to 65 days from sprout
Yield - 60 to 90 grams
Aroma & Flavour - Sour coffee to fruity with hints of bubblegum
Effect - Narcotic, couchlock
Medicinal Benefits - Insomnia, appetite stimulation
Cannabinoids - TBA
Extract information - Dense, sticky buds with trim that is well worth utilising
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